Jumaat, 25 Februari 2011

Men of War : Assault Squad

System requirements:
* Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
* 2.6GHz Processor
* GeForce 6200/Radeon 9600 Videocard or higher
* DirectX 9.0c
* Compatible sound card
* 4GB free HDD space

Men of War: Assault Squad is a standalone addition to the military history of the strategy. The new game of the famous series of her fans to take part in the biggest battles of WWII, commanding the troops of the USSR, the USA, Germany or Japan. In addition to multiplayer modes familiar from previous projects, the attention of the players offered new versions of the battles, including those designed to play in the team. In the battles players will be able not only to command an army, but also driving a tank, destroy enemy's fortifications, or by acting as a simple infantryman, to cover the retreat fellow with a gun in his hand, that allows to feel the atmosphere of wartime.
* Historically accurate embodiment of the era and features of each of the parties to the conflict.
* In the bloody battles of the player will support the heroes whose unique abilities (for example, increased firepower and the strengthening of morality) will turn the tide of battle, even in seemingly hopeless situation.
* Special features, such as the use of bombs by remote control or the forced marches, will take many tactical decisions.
* With advanced artificial intelligence, even one and the same mission each time have to perform differently.
* Wide range of regional warfare - Eastern and Western Europe, North Africa and the Pacific.
* The ability to play four on the local network or participate in team online battles.
* New maps for multiplayer and additional features to customize the game.
* Due to processing the balance of network games use equipment and military equipment has become more realistic.
* Improved artillery lets you apply new strategies for attack and defense.
* Plausible ballistics and new types of equipment.

Link Download Mediafire : Men of War : Assault Squad
Password : world4free.in

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