Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Lady Ninja Kasumi 1

This is 1st title of an erotic NINJA action series, “Kasumi”. Even though Kasumi is a girl, she has to live as a “NINJA” and goes through war-torn era.

In the medieval and feudalistic era in Japan, Kasumi is placed with her brother, Kotaro, in the custody of the fabulous ninja master, Yukimura, since Kasumi’s parents, the feudal lord, were killed in a war. Under the Yukimura’s arduous trainings, she is raised as a “Kuno-ichi” (a female ninja). Kasumi receives an order that infiltrates Sengoku’s territory because another ninja, identifies himself “Kusa no Rokuzo” and infiltrates earlier than Kasumi, gets killed by Hakuga squad in the territory. Although Kasumi cuts 3 people of the squad down, she is injured on her thigh as well. Shingo of Tsubakiya hotel saves and nurses her. By Shingo’s committed nursing, Kasumi knows the love for the first time. However, a head of the Hakuga squad, Itagaki, doggedly pursues her. To live as a woman or “Kuno-ichi”, Kasumi need to make her decision now.
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Subtitle : Kasumi 1

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