Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

E-Girl (18+)

Minimum system requirements: 
1.5GHz CPU (AMD or Intel) 
512MB RAM 
NVidia Geforce 256 or ATI Radeon 8500 (or better) 
1024x768 or higher display 16 bit sound card Microsoft Windows XP

such as Motion Blur, FSAA, pixel and vertex shaders. His role in the excitement and uniqueness of the simulator system played interactive dialogues and their influence on the behavior of girls. ������ is to see with my own eyes! Game working, checked personally!
GAME FEATURES: Full interactivity: EGirl provides the ability to completely control the behavior and actions of the character using the interface of question / answer.Alys and Maia asks what you want and you just choose the answer from the list. Controlling the camera: You can become a virtual operator. Using the mouse you can rotate, zoom and camera distance, choosing the best position. Or you can provide all the work computer (he is too good at it) Advanced Graphics: Using OpenGL Pixel Shaders and Vertex Shaders, developers have the best display of 3D models and girls of the world. This really is nowhere to be found! Exotic places: From EGirl 1.5 you can see the girls, stripped (and not only) in unusual places, such as the cathedral, a mountain cave, wild jungle, etc.

Link Download Mediafire :

Part 1  Part 2


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