Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Lady Ninja Kasumi 2 Love Betrayal

This is 2nd title of an erotic NINJA action series, “Kasumi”. In a war-torn era, the blood contaminates a girl’s body and soul…

This time, Hanzo, a ninja master, challenges confronting Kasumi, decides to live as a “Kuno-ichi”. Hanzo plans to fall the Ueda castle down and gives a secret order to an another Kunoichi, Akuta. Seishiro, a castle guard, falls in love with a prostitute, Kosode; however, Akuta vamps and hooks Seishiro. Besides, Akuta asks him to find out a loophole to sneak into the castle. Knowingly at Akuta’s speculation, Kasumi tries to save Seishiro but is entrapped by Hanzo. The person who saves Kasumi is the prostitute, Kosode. Kosode’s nobleness that she has to sells herself for her living but loves Seishiro, who belongs to higher class than Kosode, touches Kasumi’s heartstrings. Kasumi knows the friendship with Kosode first time ever. Nevertheless, Hanzo launches cruel attacks to Kasumi and breaks the relation ship between Kasumi and Kosode as well.

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Extrak With FSJ setup

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