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How To Solved Pending Payment at Onbux


Currently I'm waiting my 2nd pending payment. But I don't understand why I have to wait again. Can someone explain this to me, please?

The thing is I was told I have to wait 7-10 business days and was given a link to security update. But there is such a thing: "users who previously had their payments reviewed manually, now receive them instantly" Well may payment was pending from Feb28th to March 3rd and I thought that it was reviewed and now I should be in a white list. But it's pending again...
Or maybe I should expect "your account is under review" message in order to be on the white list?

Anyway, I will wait, but just wondering why it is so..

Thank you for the answers

 Answers =

1. ( Moby ) Admin =
 As I have explained many times, people who are whitelisted but violates some point the terms of service are automatically removed from it.

In case of a serious violation, the person is banned automatically, if one is a minor violation, it is just removed from the whitelist.

 2. ( Liv ) Admin =
Please note: The current waiting time can be anywhere between 7-10 business days, but this number is not set in stone and can be processed earlier or later.

There are two possible reasons to the member have exceeded the 10 business day period:

» This User has opened new ticket/forum post on this subject. This is an unnecessary action, resulting in the system automatically putting the user at the end of the queue, as mentioned above. (The user must wait for the deadline again.)

» The user is on the blacklist for having violated any of the items of our Terms of Service in the past. This account was not suspended because the infraction was considered light and there is the possibility of a continued relationship. (The user will be invited to provide clarification of actions, through to the support ticket system.)

Regarding the current progress of manual payments, we are hoping for an April deadline in which we strive to have completely eliminated the need for manual payments.
And as of today, 77% of onBux members are paid instantly.
Most likely we will have this number back up to 100% throughout the course of April, if everything goes to plan.

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